What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel?

What have you heard about Jesus? 

That he was a nice guy? A wise man? A prophet?

That he was a good moral teacher?

Well, you'd be right but he is SO MUCH MORE. 

We have some good news for you, but first, the BAD NEWS...

You see, God made everything from nothing and he made it all very good. He made mankind good -- in his own image -- upright, honest, and righteous. But we ruined it. Because man sinned against God, we are all born in rebellion against him and no matter how hard we try to be good, we can never be good enough. Our sin separates us from the holy and eternal God who made us.

Now here's the thing... if Jesus was just a nice guy and a good teacher, what good does that do us? NOTHING! The world has known PLENTY of wisemen and good teachers who lived what appeared to be "good" lives. The thing about all the other religious leaders in the world is that you have to earn love and earn salvation. "Work harder!" "Keep more rules!" "Do this - not that!" 

Here's the GOOD NEWS...

Jesus is the eternal Son of God sent to obey God perfectly because you can't. And he came to die the death you deserve. He took the punishment you deserve for sin for all those who turn to him for forgiveness and believe in him. 

You can have peace with God and assurance of ever-lasting life if you turn from your sin and to turn to Christ in faith. It really is that simple. That, my friend, is good news.