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 “What language shall I borrow to thank Thee, dearest friend?"

That’s a line from an ancient hymn that illustrates our response to the message of the gospel — the “good news” that though we stand guilty in the eyes of a just and holy God, someone guiltless and blameless stood in our place and sacrificed himself for us. That is the stuff of the stories we love! There is nothing dearer to our hearts than the tale of the selfless hero who tragically lays down his life for the lives of others in order to rescue them from certain doom.

That story is deeply personal — it resonates with us. And mankind keeps telling that same story over and over again throughout history in books and movies because it’s the story we’re living in. God chose to write himself into our story and to intervene on our behalf. Jesus Christ came to be judged in our place for our crimes and to redeem what we lost.

We are deeply flawed and at the same time, deeply loved.

“What language shall I borrow to thank Thee, dearest friend?” What words can possibly express our gratitude? How should we respond? How would you respond to someone you know you owe your life to? You would want to know him better. You would share a bond with others who were rescued along with you. And you would want to join the cause of your hero. This is why at King’s Church, we are committed to being a church where people can:




Maybe this story seems familiar to you but you have doubts. King’s Church is place for you to explore Christianity and to grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him in community with others in Columbia, SC.

We are here for the believer, the doubter, the deeply devoted, and the skeptical and unconvinced. Whether you have fond memories of growing up in a church, have never set foot in one, or have such a bad taste in your mouth from your experience with church you vowed to never come back, our doors are open to you and we welcome you to explore this life-giving message of the gospel and what the Christian life should like. Regardless of who you are or what you believe (or don’t believe), all are welcome. 

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Matthew Awtrey, M.Div - Church Planting Pastor

Matthew Awtrey and his wife Jeni are both originally from Columbia and have 3 children (Mary Belk, Eliza Kate, and Matthew). Matthew graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in 2009 and served as the Associate Pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anderson, SC until 2016 when he was sure God was calling him to plant a church. Matt and his family moved back to Columbia and have been reaching the community for Christ, seeking to make disciples, and continuing to plant King's Church.

Matt has a hobby of collecting hobbies but has most recently taken up kayak fishing and persuaded his partner and friend, Josh Smith, to join him in his endeavor to master the Saluda River. 




Josh Smith, M.Div - Pastoral Staff

Josh and his wife Amanda have been married 15 years and are blessed with 5 sons (Noah, Benjamin, Levi, Judah, and Asher). Josh first served part-time as a church planting apprentice and pastoral intern at King’s Church early on in its formation. Upon graduating from Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte) with his Master of Divinity in 2019, Josh was preparing to plant another church in SC. But considering the unique partnership in ministry he and Pastor Matthew Awtrey had been afforded and blessed with, Josh stepped into his current full-time role assisting Pastor Awtrey in the continued work of planting King’s Church and making disciples of Christ. Josh enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar and piano, reading, and most recently, kayak fishing with Pastor Awtrey on their days off.  




Laura Christy - Music and Women's Ministry Coordinator

Laura received a degree in vocal performance from Auburn University and is married to Foster Christy, an itinerant evangelist with Forge Ministries. They live in Columbia, South Carolina and have two married daughters and two grandsons:  Tyler, Ann-Marie (Christy), Titus and Jensen Settelen and Austin and Lolly (Christy), Albison.

Laura loves to encourage others and share Christ through music and teaching God’s Word, which she has done nationally and overseas for more than 25 years. Laura invests in others by discipling younger women and facilitating a small weekly Bible study. Challenging women to live a life of worship through daily surrender to the control of the Holy Spirit, is Laura’s passion. 



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Vision: King’s Church seeks to make, nurture, equip, and deploy mature disciples of Christ for the glory of God and the good of mankind.

Mission: To be a church where people can:

  • Experience God
  • Find Community
  • Live on Purpose 


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In the early part of 2016, Matt and Jeni Awtrey were close to moving their family to Raleigh, NC to plant a church when they received a call asking them to consider planting in the Irmo area of Columbia, SC. After much prayer and consideration, they moved to Columbia and began reaching out to people in the community. A handful of people gathered together in the Awtrey’s living room to discuss how God works in lives of people and what becomes possible when that happens in a city like Columbia. As more and more people got connected with the word of God and with each other, King’s Church began holding public worship gatherings on Sunday mornings in October of 2017.  

King’s Church is a new church in the area but there is nothing new about what it teaches. King’s Church desires to connect to people to “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints,” (Jude 3). The beliefs and practices of King’s Church span throughout the history of the universal church as expressed in the ecumenical creeds (e.g. the Apostles’ & Nicene Creeds). 

We are committed to the theological heritage of the Protestant Reformation as a member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, one of the oldest denominations in America. Both the denomination and King's Church are grounded in the historic Reformation theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith.


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Sunday Service Meeting Place

Ben Lippen School Chapel (St. Andrews Campus)

500 St. Andrews Road

Columbia, SC 29210 


Mailing Address

1686 Lake Murray Blvd. 

Columbia, SC 29212


Join us this Sunday. Come as you are. To get an idea of what to expect on your first visit, CLICK HERE.