What's a Presbyterian?

What's a Presbyterian?

That's a great question!

Presbyterian is a Christian denomination and it gets its name from the way the church governs itslef.

You see, there is no hierarchal "top-down" structure in the Presbyterian church. Each congregation elects for itself elders - servant leaders from within that very church - who meet the Biblical qualifications of leadership in the church. But even that church places itself under even more accountability. The church and all the other churches in a given area, form a "Presbytery" and all of the Presbyteries combined is called "Synod."

Did we lose you?

We know some of this stuff might be kind of foreign to you and that's totally fine. We realize people have questions about these things and sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed with too much information.

 Very simply, "Presbyterian" comes from a Greek word meaning "elder." We believe in a plurality of leadership in the church instead of a single centralized power.