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We're always expecting to see new faces and make new friends at King's Church so you can expect a warm welcome. We won't smother you or anything but you can expect to meet more than just a few people and you may even get invited over to someone's house for lunch after service. We don't have a dedicated "welcome team" or anything like that - we've just got a lot of down to earth people who are always looking out for new people and who would be genuninely excited to meet you and help you with anything you might need when you visit. 


We know it’s not easy to show up at a church for the first time so if you decide to visit King’s Church, here’s some information that will help you feel welcome without feeling overwhelmed. If you do not see your question answered here, please just give us a call (803.629.9867) and let us know how we can serve you. 



Well, not technically the Town of Irmo but the Irmo area of Columbia (NW). We meet 10 a.m. every Sunday morning at the Ben Lippen School Chapel located at 500 St. Andrews Rd., Columbia, SC 29210



Come as you are and just be comfortable. Seriously… we are here for you, no matter how you're dressed. Some people wear ties, others wear T-shirts. You won’t feel out of place either way.



We always start off our service by first welcoming everyone, having a moment of silent prayer to settle in and prepare for the service, and then hearing God's call to worship and singing praise to him together. We usually have a piano, vocals, an occasional guitar, and light percussion. If you have been in church before, you may recognize most of the music. We sing hymns sung by Christians for centuries and some newer hymns we hope Christians will be singing centuries from now.



Short answer, absolutely! Your children are welcome and we are prepared to assist you (and them) so your whole family can get the most out of every Sunday. We all know God put the "wiggle" in little kids and we find it refreshing to have them in the service with us and to see them learning how to be a part of Christ's church by watching you and participating with all of us. Children are welcome in the service at any age but we do offer a nursery for children under 4. If you want your children to participate in our nursery on Sunday, just let someone know when you walk in and we'll take you over and get you all checked in.

We sincerely value having your children present with us during the worship service on Sundays and one way we help facilitate a connection for young children during our service is through a brief lesson prior to the sermon. We welcome you to grab a special Children's Bulletin for each of your children which is designed to help children follow along through the liturgy of the service and includes puzzles and word searches that will help them connect with the passage being preached.



Nope. You are our guest and we want you to receive what God gives freely. There is an offering time during the service because we believe that God has given us everything we need to live and it is an opportunity for those who are members of King’s Church to worship God through our tithes and offerings. So please do not feel obligated to put money in the plate during this time. 



We look forward to meeting you! See you Sunday?

How to Find Us 


Didn’t see the answer to your question? No worries. Give us a call: 803.629.9867