The Gospel

What is "the gospel?" The gospel is "good news." But there's some bad news...

The bad news is, we are all sinners in the sight of the God who made us. We are born with our backs toward God and our guilt deserves punishment - eternal punishment. And if that wasn't bad enough, there's no escape. There is nothing we can do to make up for our sin. No amount of good deeds or good behavior can earn God's forgiveness. That goes for all of us. All have sinned, all are guilty, every one of us falls short of the glory of God deserves his divine justice. That's bad news. 

So if we can't fix ourselves and make ourselves right with God, who can? God alone. Only God can save us. He sent his son Jesus to take on the guilt of sinners and to die in their place so that they may be forgiven and to be united with him. He died, was buried, and rose again on the third day to conquer death and sin for those who have faith in him. That's the gospel. And that's good news.

Maybe you believe that already. If you do, and you're not connected with a local church, join us next Sunday. Get connected. God has a plan for your life and it's not to just sit on the sidelines as a passive observer. 

If this message of the gospel sounds crazy to you, we invite you to investigate it for yourself. We understand you have concerns and doubts and so we've put together a series of videos that will address some of the big questions and doubts people have about the Bible and Christianity. We are here to help you think through these issues for yourself and draw your own conclusions. 

So, if you have an open mind and would like to investigate the claims of Christianity with us, here's your chance. You can work through these issues in the privacy of your own home knowing that if you want to talk about them with us, we're a phone call away. 

Please CLICK HERE to begin your personal investigation and decide for yourself - "Is this 'gospel' message for real?" Find out now.