Private Worship

King's Church is dedicated to helping people experience God, find community, and live on purpose. One of the ways we experience God is through worship and there are three primary ways we do that - the public gathering on Sundays, privately (what we call "time alone with God"), and as a family. 

In this video series, Pastor Matt Awtrey focusses on private worship. Worshipping God privately each day by spending time reading the Bible and praying deepens your understanding of who God is and your relationship with him. 

Matt Awtrey explains what private worship is and why it so worthwhile in the introductory video and each subsequent video briefly expounds on specific aspects so that you can begin to incorporate this into daily routine. 


Part 1: INTRO - Experiencing God in Private Worship 

Part 2: Time Alone With God

Part 3: Confession

Part 4: Repentance

Part 5: Meditation

Part 6: Prayer

Part 7: Summary