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Because 15 minutes after church on Sunday is not enough.


If you've been a part of a church before, you know that right after the service, people stand around and chat for a little while, maybe have a cup of coffee, gather their kids from the nursery, and head out for lunch. Those conversations are always enjoyable but they're always so short and only scratch the surface. "How was your week?" "Did you see that game yesterday?" This little catch-up time is natural and it's very good! But it's not enough to be the kind of family we want to be and the kind of community God has designed us to be.

Church isn't just about showing up someplace on Sunday. It's about forging strong relationships with the people God has brought together in the church. We want to know how to pray for each other and how we can support and encourage one another. 

We need each other - sometimes more than we'd like to admit - and Community Groups are one way we are able to grow individually and collectively.

Groups of 8-12 meet in households after church on Sunday or on Sunday evening. We eat together, pray together, discuss life together and the way God says life works best. It's been a transformative time in the lives of many people in our church and we trust it will be for you too. 


If you would like to join a group, shoot us an email and we'll get the ball rolling.